Wall fixing or standing, our designer mirrors are protagonists of interior decorations. The modular ones leave complete compositional freedom, while the vertical ones are ideal for bathrooms and entrances. Finally, the full-size mirrors that dominate the space.


Central - Mirror - Tonelli

Beryl is an out-of-scale gemstone, a mirror sculp- ture. The side facets create a sense of solidity, al- leviated by the profile’s curving, and have their own visual language. The alternation of inclined surfa- ces with curved lines gives life to a clean but sophi- sticated object that immediately catches the eye.

from £1790 +VAT



Central - Mirror - Tonelli

The wall mirror Central, available in two dimensions, has a supporting structure in black wood onto which two external rectangular panels are fixed, slightly inclined, and a central round one. Available in following chromatic variants: mirror, smoked, gold or bronze mirror.

from £2772 +VAT



Bands - Mirror - Tonelli

The wall mirror Bands, created by designers Angeletti and Ruzza, features the combination of different glass processing, with a versatile and minimalistic result. In three different sizes it is suited to decorate the living area as well as the sleeping area.

£1646 inc. VAT



Gerundio - Mirror - Tonelli

The mirror Gerundio, created by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, has a contemporary character and features an ample mirroring surface that creates a three-dimensional effect, providing for a greater depth of the ambience.

from £2600 +VAT



Fittipaldi - Mirror - Tonelli

The wall mirror Fittipaldi created by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni features alternating mirror bands, inclined and modular.

from £782 +VAT

Stati D'Animo

Stati D'Animo - Mirror - Tonelli

The mirror Stati d’animo, designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, has sculptural features and is the ideal furnishing complement for living/dining rooms or studios.

£1268 +VAT